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Kelsey & Joel’s Romantic, Dusty Blue Wedding at 2016 Main Event Space

This beautiful and smart duo was so fun to work with during their time as a full-service client of McKenzie Phillips Events! We really hit it off, and in spending so much time with Kelsey and Joel, I had the pleasure of witnessing the true love they have for one another. (I’m sure you can see it radiate through the photos shared below!)

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Kathleen & Josh’s Nighttime Breakfast Party at The Hobbs Building

These two peas in a pod were equally involved in the wedding planning process—from start to finish! One thing I loved about working with them is that Josh came to every single meeting with Kathleen. And, throughout our time together, I could tell these two were made for each other.


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Jill and Nate’s Rustic Urban Style Wedding

Any second spent with this super chill bride and groom—Jill and Nate—would leave you thinking they’ve known each other forever. Yet, despite the two growing up in the same neighborhood in Overland Park, living just four blocks apart, attending the University of Kansas, and even the same parties, they actually never crossed paths.

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