8 Modern Twists on Old Wedding Traditions That Will Make You Rethink Everything

Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue.


That’s probably one of the most memorable wedding traditions out there, wouldn’t you say? But, what about pre-wedding rituals, matching bridesmaids gowns, having rice tossed in your face, serving up a ridiculously expensive tiered dessert, and even blah three-course meals that put everyone to sleep?

Yeah, your mom and your mom’s mom probably incorporated many of those into their special day. But, is your marriage bound to be doomed if you don’t follow their lead? Probably not. So, it’s time to rethink everything you’ve ever known or dreamed about and put a fun twist on your wedding day!  

No matter if you think of yourself as a traditional bride or not, I’m feeling pretty confident there’s going to be at least one modern take on this list that’ll inspire you to toss old-school customs out the window. And, instead, say hello to something that closely matches your personality and style!

1. First Look vs. Aisle Surprise

Nope, no way. No way will I let my soon-to-be husband see me in my wedding dress before the ceremony.

Is that what you’re thinking about at first glance of this modern twist? Well, it’s time to push this superstitious tradition aside. And, for a good reason.

If you want to put your wedding day jitters to rest, many couples are now opting for a “first look.” That way, you’re much more relaxed and can have a special moment—just the two of you—before becoming Mr. and Mrs.

Not to mention, this time before the ceremony is when you’re looking your very best. And, so is your wedding party. Thus, opening up this time gives you an opportunity to get the formal pictures with your favorite people out of the way.

You won't be left out of the fun while your guests are enjoying libations and good food while you’re stuck posing for a good 45-minutes to an hour!

2. Mix It Up vs. Matchy-Matchy Bridal Party Attire


Taking the time to thoughtfully pick out what your bridal party will wear on your big day, while feeling like you have to appease them in the process, can be tough. Budgets are different for each and every person involved. Styles are different. Sizes are different.

Therefore, it’s no wonder many brides stress when this to-do rolls up to the top of the list. So, why not make it easier on yourself by allowing them to do the picking? I know that sounds risky, but hear me out.

They’re the ones who will be standing beside you on your special day. They sincerely care about you, and they’ll want to do anything in their power to thank you for not forcing upon them styles or colors they might not like. As long as you give them a few clearly communicated guidelines and rules (ex. Color scheme, style—floor length or cocktail, etc.), you’ll be golden.  

3. Food Trucks & Themed Stations vs. Three-Course Meal

There’s nothing like finishing up a ceremony and kicking off an evening of fun and dancing with your family and friends!

Oh, wait. Who am I kidding?

If you choose a three-course meal, all of that partying will have to wait. And, by the time you’re finished, your night will soon be coming to a close.

Well, that doesn’t sound like fun, does it? So, why stick with tradition when you can put a fun twist on a blah meal that forces you to stay seated for a while? I’m talking about food trucks and even themed food stations! Best of all, food trucks seem to be more economical as they don’t require much wait staff.

4. Sweet Treats Table vs. Classic Tiered Cake


A classic tiered (and ridiculously expensive, might I add!) wedding cake seems to be a thing of the past! What’s taken its place are donut walls and dessert tables filled with cupcakes, whoopie pies, cookies, and even candy. You can also leave takeout boxes on the table for guests to take home some sweet treats, which can double as favors.

And, if you prefer to stick with tradition, consider getting a single-tier wedding cake, which you and your spouse can cut (for a photo op!) and save a piece to enjoy at your one-year anniversary.

5. Video Photo Booth vs. Flip-Through Guest Book  

While flipping through a guest book years from now that’s filled with handwritten names and well-wishes for the happy couple sounds alright, watching a video of your guests talking through the screen sounds even better.

If you agree, consider setting up a video photo booth in the corner of your venue space—complete with a digital camcorder or GoPro, props, DIY backdrop (think flowers or a pallet), movie clapper, and dry-erase pens so your favorite people can write their names on it.

6. Seasoned Flower Girl vs. Pint-Sized Attendants


Yes, little babes are cute and all at weddings. But, sometimes, you just don’t know what you’re going to get when it comes to them serving as your flower girl. You could either get a few petals scattered across the aisle or a dramatic entrance filled with tears and them running to their parents.

So, consider stretching the bounds of one time-honored wedding tradition and ask your grandma(s) instead. It’s a perfect way to honor them as a key member of the family, while getting some unforgettable candid moments captured on camera!

7. Pre-Wedding Interview Film vs. Picture Slideshow

Do you plan on hiring a videographer for your wedding? Don’t just use them for the day-of. Ask them if they’d be willing to film a five- to 10-minute video of you both getting interviewed on specific moments in your relationship and your love for one another.

Then, play it at the reception! It’s so much more fun to watch than a standard picture slideshow of old and new snapshots of you and your partner.

8. Brunch-Time Soiree vs. Evening Celebration


To brunch or not to brunch? That is the question! If your dream venue isn’t available for your evening celebration or your church only performs morning ceremonies, all hope is not lost.

Seriously think about the possibility of a brunch-time soiree! You can say your vows at sunrise and enjoy a delicious spread (hello, waffles, pancakes, bacon, eggs, and mimosas!) afterward.

Yes, the atmosphere might not be the same as a nighttime reception, but you’ll get to enjoy plenty of downtime with your new spouse and also more money in your pocket as venues often charge less for a morning event.

And, if you’re not completely sold on this twist, but you love some good breakfast food, no law says you can’t have a brunch-inspired reception on any day at any time.

Well, there you have it. Don’t hold back on kicking some old-school traditions to the side and mixing things up a bit to choose something that’s not old, not new, not borrowed, not blue, but is entirely you. After all, traditions can be great. But, if they don’t mean something special to you, you have the opportunity to create your very own.

What’s your favorite wedding tradition that you plan to keep around for your big day? Or, will you incorporate one of your own? Leave me a note in the comments section below! I’d love to hear from you.