Lydia and Brett’s Dreamy Springtime Celebration

This adorable couple’s love story caught our hearts—having been set up by mutual friends, which then led to regular trivia nights, long distance dating, and incredible adventures. So, there was no doubt about it that their wedding day would be completely and utterly filled to the brim with love.

From their first look to exchanging letters and gifts—a ukulele for him and a beautiful necklace with the initial of their last name for her, lush floralscapes, delectable food, a rockin’ band, and a sweet duet to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” shared between the bride and groom, you’re sure to love this couple as much as we do.

Today, Lydia and Brett share a recap of what made their big day so special and dreamy. Thanks to The Grays Photography for capturing these sweet moments!

How did you meet? How did he pop the question? Tell us your love story.                                   

How we met as told by the groom… Lydia and I first met through our mutual friends Jake and Brooke in March 2014. Jake and I worked together, and his then-girlfriend (now wife) Brooke and Lydia were close friends from their time at Mizzou. Jake and Brooke knew that we were both single, and that our interests and hobbies were similar, so they figured it was worth a shot. Jake and Brooke arranged for us to meet during a Saturday night out, which they hosted in downtown Kansas City. I actually had other plans for that weekend, but I re-scheduled them to meet this Lydia whom I'd heard so much about.

I knew exactly who Lydia was when I walked in the door. Well, I knew she had big red hair, so she was easy to spot. I played it off and talked with everybody casually, but I made a point to strike up a conversation with Lydia. Sure enough, we soon began to realize how similar we were—with our interests of running, biking, adventures, music, you name it. We just clicked. Plus, I found her to be B-E-A-UTIFUL.

Our engagement story as told by the bride... It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in April 2016, the day after Brett's 29th birthday. Brett suggested we go on a picnic at Loose Park, a beautiful park just south of Kansas City's Plaza. Loose Park had been one of our favorite places to spend Saturdays when Brett lived on the Plaza.

We spent many weekend afternoons there training for runs, reading books (me), and napping (Brett). We decided to head for the park. When I was in the kitchen making a picnic lunch, Brett asked me, "What are you going to wear? What should I wear?" Puzzled, I told him I didn't care what he wore for a picnic at the park, but he left and re-emerged with a blue shirt (and, unbeknownst to me, a ring box in his back pocket).

Instead of napping (as usual) at the park, Brett stared at me for three hours, too antsy to concentrate. Three and a half hours later into our beautiful afternoon, we were about to leave the park to head to a barbecue at a friends' house. I asked if he was ready to leave, and he said, "Let's stay a little bit longer." Brett got down on one knee, pulled out a box containing a beautiful ring, and said "So, I have a question for you." I grinned so hard my face hurt. I managed to say yes, and the rest is history.

Describe your wedding vibe in one sentence: The wedding was classy, elegant, and traditional, with garden flowers and a rockin' band.

What was your wedding/event hashtag? #theAndersonAdventure

How many friends, family members, and loved ones attended your wedding? 150

Share a few things that helped you along the way with planning a wedding. My mom and Brett’s mom were both a HUGE help!

Tell us about some of the songs you used throughout your wedding and why you chose them. "You Are The Best Thing" by Ray LaMontagne was our first dance song. We love the lyrics and the fun upbeat sounds of the saxophone. "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk the Moon is one of our favorite songs. Our band, Lost Wax, did a great version of it and everyone was out on the dance floor. "Kiss" by Prince was another great one that everyone was singing along to.

Did you have something borrowed, something blue, something old, and something new? If so, do tell! I wore my mom's diamond tennis bracelet. I also borrowed my mom's handkerchief she had for her wedding. My "something blue" was a blue cursive "L" that my mom sewed onto the handkerchief that I carried with my bouquet. My "something old" was a part of my mom's wedding dress wrapped around my bridal bouquet. I also borrowed my sister's veil to wear for the ceremony. My "something new" was my dress and my shoes.

Your best practical advice to a soon-to-be bride. Don't sweat the small stuff! Take in every moment of your wedding day. It'll go by so fast!

What’s next for you as a couple? What memories are you looking forward to making together? The thank you notes! Ha, but really we have few house projects on our minds. We are excited to travel, get a dog (eventually), relax on our deck, and just share life together.

Let us know one thing that WOWed you while working with McKenzie Phillips. McKenzie was always available to talk, answer any questions, and kept everything really organized!

Photographer: The Grays Photography | VenueSt. John’s United Methodist Church & The Carriage Club | Catering: The Carriage Club | Cake: Hy-Vee | Florist: Maple Lane Designs |Hair & Makeup: Paradise Makeup and Hair | Band: Lost Wax KC | Videographer: 38 Films | Bride’s Gown: Gracie’s Bridal | Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal | Menswear: Menguin